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Visionaries - 07.24.17

A hundred and fifty years ago we began to feel the impact of industrialization. Before, artisans made the things we used. After, industrial designers designed prototypes that would then be mass produced. But the era of mass production is ending. Today we talk about new ways of making that will change everything about our lives. We will look at some clips from the YouTube: “Neil Gershenfeld: "The Third Digital Revolution" - Solid 2014 Keynote” which you can find at:


Visionaries - 07.17.17

“Is the Universe Conscious?” A conversation with Dr. Gregory L. Matloff, emeritus associate and adjunct associate professor of physics at New York City College of Technology (NYCCT), who has coordinated the astronomy program at that institution, has consulted for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, is a Fellow of the British interplanetary Society, is a Hayden Associate at the American Museum of Natural History and is a Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Astronautics. His pioneering research in solar-sail technology has been utilized by NASA in plans for extra-solar probes and in consideration of technologies to divert Earth-threatening asteroids.

Dr. Matloff’s work is discussed in an NBC article, “Is the Universe Conscious? Some of the world's most renowned scientists are questioning whether the cosmos has an inner life similar to our own.” You will find the article at:

On Dr. Matloff’s website, you will find discussions of interstellar travel, the search for intelligent life, and lots more. Go to:

See an article, “Can Panpsychism Become an Observational Science?” by Gregory L. Matloff at:


“Exponential Growth.” Our minds are set up to think “linearly.” If we take 30 one-meter steps, we expect to be 30 meters (30 yards) away. But what if we were to take 30 “exponential” steps? (Each step double the previous — first step 1 meter, second 2 meters, third 4 meters, forth 8 meters, etc.) How far would we have gone? Around the block? Actually, we would have circled the earth 27 times. We have long seen this exponential growth in our computers (Moore’s Law), and the smart phones in our pockets today outpace the super computers of the 1980s. But now it is showing up everywhere. What will this mean?