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Visionaries - 12.19.16

“Architecture and Design, Past and Future,” with John Lobell. Computation has changed everything about architecture and design. Or has it? Computation brings us new design possibilities, new ways of making things, and products that would previously been impossible. But what are the basics on which architecture and design are built, and do they remain unchanged? On today’s show we look at some key figures from the seminal “Philadelphia School,” and then at a conference at MIT and at GE’s Minds + Machines conferences that herald our emerging “Digital Industrial” world.


Visionaries - 12.12.16

“Ivan Shumkov and Build Academy:” Ivan is a New York based architect, entrepreneur and professor who talks with us about online courses and how they are disrupting education. Ivan is a pioneer in online education and founder of the Build Academy, providing professional education and solutions for the building industry. He earned his PhD in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and masters at Harvard GSD, ETSA Barcelona, and the School of Architecture in Florence. Ivan has taught at NYU, Harvard University GSD, Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Parsons the New School for Design, International University of Catalonia, and ETSA Barcelona. As a licensed architect, Ivan has worked, lectured and exhibited his projects and research in Europe, Brazil, Colombia, China, and the USA. More at:


Visionaries - 12.05.16

“Marshall McLuhan.” We look at the media guru who is the most influential mind of the second half of the 20th century who remains the best source for understanding the connectivity of our 21st century. Everybody has heard that “the medium is the message,” but what exactly does that mean. Find out on today’s show.